A taste of wetness  

mat1492 62M  
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5/10/2006 7:21 pm
A taste of wetness

The entire time I was debating about what to do our tongues had not stopped their dance. You slowly started moving your tongue away from mine, then jutting back in furtively touching mine. It was daring me to follow it into your mouth. I pushed back on your tongue indicating my willingness to follow. You understood and slowly started to retract your tongue into your mouth. But first I had a stop to make. I had to taste those lips! Slowly I started touching your lips, the upper and then the lower back to the upper. I wanted to explore every inch of those beautiful lips. Than suddenly, as you had done to me, I moved my tongue in between your lips and into your mouth. You emit a slight groan. The first sound that either of us had made since we started our dance. Your tongue reached out to greet me and welcome me to you.

I felt your entire body pressed up against mine. Your weight pressing against me like lovers do in the heat of passion. Your legs were parted ever so slightly and your knee was resting on the top of my thigh. I could feel your mound pressing against my thigh. I could even sense a slight wetness in your panties. No maybe that was me!. My rock hard cock had started its emission dance. The first pre ejaculate was perched at the tip and starting to seep into my underwear. Perhaps that is the moisture I am feeling. But no you move your knee up a little higher and I feel the moisture from your mound on my thigh. You made another small groan a little louder and throatier than the one before.

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