A mating dance!  

mat1492 62M  
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5/15/2006 6:57 pm
A mating dance!

You emitted another groan and with it moved your leg even higher. It was touching my cock! As you realized what you had touched you moaned again, but did not move your leg! I could feel the length of my cock up against the heat of your leg. There, you knew how aroused you were making me.

My constant probing of your ear continued. I moved my lips along the outer rim of the ear. Nibbling and kissing its length.

Your hand so quiet and subdued before reached out to my chest. Your moans were becoming louder and more frequent. Your hand was darting across my chest. Did you know how sensitive my chest was. Could you guess!

I felt your leg move again. Up just ever so slightly. Rubbing harder against my cock and then back down but never moving away from its hardness. I could feel your mound and its wetness hard against my skin. You moved your leg again. This time covering my cock entirely. I could feel the weight of your leg pressing down on it. You moaned again.

I had reached the apex of your ear. The inner folds at the top are so sensitive and so delicious I had to sample their delights.

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