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7/25/2005 10:12 pm

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Spent part of the day at a local outdoor pool. Pools are lovely places where people are relaxed with themselves, soaking up the sun, enjoying the water, enjoying looking and being looked at.

Having just joined AdultFriendFinder, you find yourself looking at people differently. You wonder, for example, what are people about privately, sexually. And more, what might they be looking for in a relationship? Can people really meet so quickly, anonymously and have good experiences?

It's a place where fantasies can run away with you if you're not careful and there's no lack of leering sometimes. You try not to stare, at both women and men, some of whom are so striking beautiful.

Nearby, there was a nice encounter between a young man and a young woman. He was paused, resting from doing lengths, standing in the water at the edge of the pool and she was just about to get in but hesitating. He laughed and teased her about the water being too cold. She smiled.

They were both beautiful. About the same age. They looked so good together, I hoped he would say more, follow up... but he didn't.

Later I saw him leaving by himself and I felt sad that he couldn't break through that horrible "I don't know you" moment. On the other hand, tomorrow's another day. Maybe they'll be back and he'll try again and slowly they'll get to know each other.

All the while, there was a synchronized swim team practicing. I've never seen this before close up, not on TV, and it was really great, the precision of the team adding so much to the beauty of any individual swimmer's performance.

TheDodger8 45M

7/28/2005 5:16 pm

LOL I totally know what you mean about looking at people differently after visiting here. I am always wondering about the people at the mall...heheh...

The "I don't know you moment." I have that disease... it sucks. Being here helps though.

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