Take Control  

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8/1/2006 2:38 pm

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8/1/2006 8:50 pm

Take Control

And what would you say, if I slid my strong hand up the back of your neck and took control of your gathering resolve?
Ran my fingers into your hair, cupping your warm head in my palm, wrapping your mane ‘round and ‘round?

I would pull you to me, feel your knees weaken as you abandon yourself to my strength, and crush your sweet lips in mine, drink in the sweet nectar of your tongue’s passing ‒ you licked your
lips unconsciously moments ago as my gaze swept over you, a moment’s pause to gather your wits ‒ now lost, swept up in a passionate embrace.

You are mine to do as I wish. Your head is pulled back, neck exposed to my assault, eyes rolling as I turn you to me.

I have a visceral need to dominate you…make you a vessel for my own wanton desires. I will take you by force, to someplace far far away, floating on nerves lit with fire...

I feel so strong at this moment, muscles flexing with some hormonal rush within…the Man in my vanilla demeanor bursting forth, taking his rightful place.

The memory of our first meeting is coursing through my body, a rush of desire, flowing at
breakneck speed, hot hot blood engorging my senses (and other things too!).

You are strong, and fearless, I saw it in your eyes…our dance will be one of equals ‒ each taking what they so desperately want…and need.

I will dance around the fire of our desires, skin burning hot, with you in the crook of my body…a perfect fit…a duet for the ages.

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