ahh, computer dating. easier?  

masterjohnathon 55M
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10/21/2005 6:12 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

ahh, computer dating. easier?

yeah right. almost more frustrating than the real thing. been on several different sites here and there through the years and in and under different incarnations (is that a bad thing?) i'm not totally up on all the etiquite of groups and blogs and such. but. it seems there are a lot of disgenunine people on these tings. tell me why on a site i'll not mention, you can join and send out emails or wink, or kisses, or flirts or....but replys don't come. once your paid subscription runs out you get flooded with emails from dead links or russian girls or or paid ad creators or people not really interested in getting together (i think ego trip for many) or people trying to get you to join other sites (all we need is your credit card number or this beautiful 27 year old seemingly poetic doll from connecticut turns out to be some one in a third world country asking me for just enough money to cover them for some such thing or another, i forget what . just send it western union. yeah okay, who the hell were you again?
so it would seem to me that people who took the time to reply or post or respond or submit to theses blogs and groups and "want ads" would be sincere enough to at least try to make some contact in REAL life. most people they afraid of consequences. not a bad fear to at least stop for a second and think through. oh those repurcussions. cause as soon as you meet with someone, they got something on you. i saw somewhere someone wrote about trust. it takes a whole lot here. whole lot. hey, just realized my hurdle to not having had taken more advantage of the bountiful pleasures about the sexual realm... not to early to start now. okay, i don't kknow if it's proper to mention someones handle in your blog but i guess i'll find out. can i just say that fun&frisky from the r.i. area: those are some beautiful cheeks, my dear. think maybe i'll send her a shout out. maybe we could get this thing to work.
wow, feel a little purged. well, on with the day. have a good one...

p.s. look at me, had to come back for one more. so did i forget to mention the tos of new ad spam that comes along with giving your email out. but you learn. got hit with my first virus in 8, 9 years, the other day. luckily mr. gates product worked as touted and a restore drove it away. my own fault. i stepped out of my usual bounds of internet regimen. you learn. i know i'm genuine, just got sift out the bullshit abound around. how about the bots? aren't they a fuckin' riot. and clicks or cliques in chat rooms. any body real looking for somebody real sure gets real frustrated. i'm hangin' in though, so, would enjoy hearing back from anyone interested enough to respond........would actually like to meet what is represented and presented; genine!

noExplicitHandle 46F

11/11/2005 7:08 am

Hey, you should read my blog. You're not alone.

masterjohnathon 55M

11/18/2005 4:24 pm

hey, took a quick read through your blog and subsequent comments. glad (?) that i'm not the only one.....umm, might i mention that you've a fine looking profile my dear. you're real, i'm real....too bad you are in fla. good luck in your search for whatever it is that you seek. i'm only a standard member so i can't read your ad.

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