What I will do to you  

masteranaldocto 56M
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6/26/2006 5:47 am

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What I will do to you

I will have you on your fours at the edge of the bed getting different size and shapes dildos and vibrators in your wet pussy while using long ribbed anal intruders going in and out your ass and giving you few slaps in your ass cheeks, as soon as you get aroused you will receive a hard dick in your wet pussy banged deeply to calm you down. the dick will be sinked deeply in and left to stay in pressed down for you to remember well how a hard big dick feels in the pussy to torment you during the day to make you want more. Your ass hole will be examined by my finger having the ass cheeks spread wide to be fingered better and receive different long anal intruder toys while you will be fucked by my hard dick in your pussy non stop making it drip. I will jerk my dick to get hard and you will be allowed to hold in your hands and sit on it spread wide to take it deeply in your pussy and go up and down on it. you will be placed over 2 pillows and will take dick first in your pussy than in the ass on a constant non ending massage in your hungry holes. Your shaved pussy will be teased to take hard dick very slowly receiving just the head in and than pulled out each time entering more until all in, then you will be banged in long deep strokes. you will be asked to be on bed face up and with legs open and skirt on to be fingered and receive dildos in until your pussy gets dripping wet, once wet it is time to get hard dick in deep strokes again. Your pussy will be drilled by my cock in different angles sides and speeds administered for a long time. Once your pussy is wet you will be placed on the edge of the bed and receive full thrusts of hard dick while being spanked. You will be asked on the beginning of the session to lift your skirt to receive your fingerfucking with panties on. Here is the dirty talk that is going to be used: So my dear you have been very horny with nobody to play with you? And have been masturbating daily thinking of a Disciplinarian Master to give to you what you deserve?Lift that skirt and let me see your panties!Nice soft pussy feeling very well under those panties. Let me finger it good for you.Feels good dosen't it?Turn around and lift your skirt from the back,nice ass, bend over and spread your ass cheeks with your two hands you are going to be fingerd anally now for your own good...

naughi 43F

6/26/2006 7:10 am

fuck my, crossdressing ass !

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