The ideal one  

masteranaldocto 56M
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9/9/2006 4:46 pm
The ideal one

I am horny all the time, unfortunately I can not get all the sex and the quality of sex that I want to. Yes I got somebody to bang, but I just set my sel life goals too high and since I like intense exciting sex,it is not easy to find that special someone. Besides my steady partner which does not live up to all my expectations, I do meet people form the Internet for some really exciting discreet scenes. To find the ideal partner for sex is like finding the ideal partner for your life. The people I meet from here are either one to few sessions people just to get their fantasies become true, or for one reason of another (new job, moving, no time, etc) discontinue meeting. So it is always a quest for the ideal one that is so hard to find,,,

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