The desire to be fucked  

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The desire to be fucked

She wanted to be fucked so bad and she was tired of holding off meeting guys on the internet even though there was one that was the closest of the Mr. Right for sex only that she always had wet dreams about. So she drank some wine and went on to chat and see if she could go all the way and set up the so many times just talked about but never materialized meeting. While chatting with her chosen Master she wwas keeping her pussy and clit very busy fingering both constantly until she finalized set up her meeting on a local motel room. There she was with her short skirt and red bikini cut panties ready for her rough sex scene that she requested to her Master. Once the door of the motel was closed she felt her Master aproach her and fingering her panties covered pussy under her skirt, and while embracing her, handcuffed her hands behind her back and a hood with blindfold anf gag went on her face. He immedatle thruw her on the bed making her bend over to see her panties and iniciate to finger her splintting her pussy lips and fingering the clit in circular motions and shoving the middle finger few times in working it out to find her g spot while talking dirty to her "So my dear you needed to be fucked good by a Master didn't you? Now you are going to get it really good my dear!" She feels those words go straght to her naughty mind and the insitent finger insatiable in her clit made her orgasm intensively. " so my dear I see you getting wet and cumming so that means is time for you to take your big hard dick after aq good spanking to make you wan to be fucked better. After spanking her good over his knees she was horny and ready to take her dick. He shoved his dick deep in her hungry pussy and and make her cum with the following words:"Take my dear take your dick very deeply, this is what you were made for and what makes you feel so good let the lust give you the high that you so much need."
He worked his dick in differnt angles and thusted in diffenrt ways making her pussy very creamy and loose. He opened her ass cheeks with his two hands and shoved a lubricated latex glove covered finger in it for her pleasure. than use diffent toys on her ass including diffent size butt plugs, anal probes and differnt size and shape dildos while always pumping her dripping wet pussy until He realized that she was ready to have her ass fucked. He inserted the head of his dick very slowly and once all in the pumped her ass in all different anlges and speeds saying"Take dick up the ass my dear it is good for you let your tight hole be fucked good!" The moment he touched her clit she got another orgasm, so he opened her ass cheeks wide and fucked her ass faster until
He also came telling her: " See my dear, how good was to let yourself be fucked by your chosen Master! And you had been procastinating all this time mising all this action!" She replied:"Sorry Master from now on I will be your steady fuck slut, I promise!"...

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I wanna join email me

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hhud! Man that sounded awsome! It's been awhile since I had a good dick up my ass.....but oh I do remember .Damn!

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8/1/2006 10:48 am

I was repeatedly molested as a kid AND as an adult I seek someone that can truly get into my ass and head simulatenously -- I seek intense ass experiences, therapy, if you will -- Interested? Contact me and USE me -- Kevin

HairyHole 55M

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