Submissive Lust  

masteranaldocto 56M
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6/26/2006 5:13 am
Submissive Lust

There is a big hard dick that wants to fuck you. It will be all yours once the doors of the room will close. Your shaved pussy and your tight ass need to be fucked by that big dick. You have to let yourself receive it very deeply to make you feel good. You have to promise me to let the big dick fuck you good and you can not tell anybody about it. Your shaved pussy and your tight ass were made to be fucked, let your Master fuck them good for you. You know how much you need your holes fucked good, do not resist, offer them to your Master. You ned to feel the big hard thick dick slide in and out your wet pusy and your tight ass hole. That big plug shapped head was made to enter your holes. You need to feel it entering you, going in and out. You want it so much to enter you deeply, it will feel so good, making your mind spin in lust. Since you need to be disciplined you have to let your ass be spanked before you can get your big dick, it will be a better way to receive it after you have been show what is your place in front of your Master. It is very important the way you present your holes to your Master, being your pussy freshly shaved before meeting him, you will need to wear sensual panties and always a skirt or dress, remember that you want his dick to be very hard for you to fuck you better.You know that we only live once in this life and you have to get the most out of it and sex is very important for you. Do not play hard to get. Let your Master take good care of your sexual needs. So do not feel hesitant to lift your skirt to show your panties to him. both your pussy and your ass need to be fingered played with and fucked good so you can show how much of a good sub you are...

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