Orgasms secrets 101 Part 1  

masteranaldocto 56M
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9/8/2006 6:46 am
Orgasms secrets 101 Part 1

Females get orgasms in all differnt ways some get them easly some require more elaboration from the partner. In general the needs change from when on the early days and younger years, orgasms are easily to achieve, but with time there is a need to look for new ways to get those intense exciting orgasms going. Over all though clitorial stimulation is one of the mostly common needs for a female to achieve her orgasm here are few scenes that can give a female good orgasms:
1-Both partners lying on the bed male on his side female belly up legs open and taking dick from male, clit should be fingered and other hand squeezing the tit, after few minutes the female will get a very strong orgasm.
2- Female on her fours on the edge of the bed getting clit fingered with a dong in her pussy and butt plug in her ass, having ass spanked and being talked dirty treated as a slut.
3- Female being fucked by a dong or fingers with a very fast rhythm after a long foreplay and dirty talk.

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