What is it about DJs?  

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10/16/2005 12:52 am

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What is it about DJs?

We went to a member gathering at a pub tonight. It looked like it was going to be a good opportunity to meet some new people, have some laughs. We bought a couple of drinks, started mingling...and then the DJ showed up.

What is it about DJs, that they think if they play crappy music, turning it up really loud will make it sound better? Actually a lot of the music wasn't bad, although it was the most eclectic mix of guest requests and (apparently) the DJ's favourites ( & hip hop that was about 15 years younger than the general crowd). But if there was one thing you could say about the music, it was LOUD.

Now maybe I'm not typical of the people who were there. I almost never go out to bars or clubs. I have a slight hearing problem, which is not noticeable most of the time. But when I'm in a very loud environment, that's it; I can't hear anything.

I was looking forward to meeting people, to talking to them. But I would have felt like a complete idiot starting a conversation with someone, then saying "EH? WHAT WAS THAT?" three times after everything the other person said.

Loud music can get people going. There's no better incentive to hit the dance floor than a good booming bass. But there is a certain threshhold (somewhere below pain level) where loud music becomes a hindrance to social interaction, rather than a stimulant.

Maybe I should just wear airport-quality ear defenders and learn American Sign Language.

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