Quick joke for today, Sep 22, 05  

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9/22/2005 7:33 am

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Quick joke for today, Sep 22, 05

A tornado passes through this farm, and there's no time to get all of the cattle to shelter--

Incidentally, did you know that cattle are very highly skilled animals? You can tell because they're out standing in their field...

--anyway, after the tornado passes, all of the cows are lying on their sides, having been knocked over by the storm, but all of the bulls are still standing.

So one of the cows, lying there on her side, looks up at a nearby bull, and says, "Hey, how come all of us cows were knocked over, but all of you bulls are still standing?"

The bull slowly turns and looks down at the cow, then says, "We bulls wobble, but we don't fall down."

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