A massage question for the ladies from a massage therapist!  

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7/12/2006 10:55 pm

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A massage question for the ladies from a massage therapist!

Hi everyone!
To all the ladies... please answer this:

1. Have you ever received a professional massage?
2. Did it take a while to relax?
3. Do massages turn you on so that feel the urge to satisfy yourself later?
4. When you were into the massage, did you ever have a desire to satisfy yourself during the massage? To masturbate while you could feel his/her hands on your body?

Allow me to first state that I'm in no way condoning or advocating professional massage therapists offering special sexual services. Here's why I ask...

I'm one of those respectful good guys. The nice guy who has a ton of very close friend-girls but doesn't really date and is saving himself for the right girl. I have a very fulfilling and active life and I love being single. When the time is right and the right girl comes along, I'll be glad I've remained so innocent and am still a virgin. It's just hard to live single for so long with the hormones of a teenager. Does anyone else know what I'm talking about?
I'm in my mid twenties and have been a massage therapist for some time now. I'm athletic and attractive. I love giving massages (they are legitimate professional massages, no kinky business, I'm a good guy remember) but I often have fantasies, especially late at night. These aren't fantasies I could act out with anyone I know, because I don't want this side of my desires exposed.
Sometimes, when I'm massaging a female client, I get an erection with no evident reason or cause. I'm very modest and I always drape people thoroughly and would never try to peek at anyone. I never fantasize about them when I'm working on them either, and most of them are not attractive at all. However, the fact remains that I still have the hormones of a 17 year old, there's a naked woman on my table, and their body is sliding under my hands. As legitimate and professional as it is, it still flips a subconscious switch and turns me on. Then I try to manage it so the client doesn't notice my hard-on and I think hard about other things.
I've asked myself before what I'd do if I was massaging an attractive woman who I noticed breathing a little hard as I worked on her leg. And what if her I noticed her hips arching up a little and found that her hand was no longer where it had been, but instead had disappeared and I concluded it must be between her legs? Would I say something; stop the massage; walk out of the room? Would I pretend I didn't notice it? Would I use a more erotic form of my strokes and work higher up her inner thigh than normal?
Truth be told, I would probably stop the massage. My concience and my record for doing what I consider the right thing is too strong. It's illegal to accept or allow any form of sexual activity as a practicing massage therapist receiving payment for work.
But in all honesty, I've been yearning for years to satisfy a woman, or help her achieve her satisfaction in some way. I'm not completely innocent, but I am a virgin after all these years, so I definitely won't have sex with anyone. I'm actually not looking for any return favors.
However, I desperately want to meet someone I feel comfortable I can be discrete with. I think in some part of my mind that this is one of the reasons I took massage therapy to begin with. So I could use my skills to bring someone pleasure. I secretely long to meet find someone I can trust and be discrete with in Tyler to meet them at their house or mine. I'd use my massage table and begin a two hour massage, starting with pain relief and relaxation. And then, if they chose, I'll alter the techniques to an erotic cascade of strokes to aid them in satisfying themselves while my skilled hands add additional pleasure to their body.
I hope I get the courage to use this gift some day. I worked so hard all these years perfecting my hand skills. It'd be a shame not to feel a woman's muscles I'm working on suddenly go rigid and begin to quiver, as her neck and chest flush in color, and all breathing stops. In that brief, silent moment between the first violent shudders of an orgasm, my hands with have finally been put to good use. I love my "good" life, but I almost feel like I'm wasting my gifts. Does anyone know what I mean?
Ah, it'll probably never happen. In the meantime, life is good. I'll just keep loosing sleep night after night in waking passion waiting for that right person to come along, somewhere in the distant future.
If anyone would like to talk please contact me at the Y.

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7/12/2006 11:55 pm

I commend you for saving yourself. I think you will be glad you did when you finally meet the young lady that has been saving herself for you. Just think what fun it will be to discover sex with someone you love. Best wishes to you. And keep hanging in there.

"Don't cry because it's over; smile because it happened."

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