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4/26/2005 9:24 pm

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It all starts with a kiss. A light caress on the cheek as our
lips meet tongues lightly flickering. Slow at first then
building, harder, hotter. Our breathing getting heavier.
Slowly I work my way down as we both fumble at our clothes.
Light kisses and nibbles along your jawline, and neck working
ever downward. Cupping your breasts in my hands tasting
each nipple. Taking them into my mouth. Tongue flickering,
circling. Gentle, yet firm pressure. The heat of my breath.
You moan and whimper at this exquisite torture wondering
where I will ply my tongue next. Ever downward as my hands
lightly massage you. stroking slowly, gently up and down
your torso, and breasts. Kissing and gently nibbling your
inner thighs. Closer, closer...the tension builds, so
does our desire. My mind races as your sweet, musky scent
invades my nostrils. As I get closer still I can feel your
inner warmth next to my face. I begin gently kissing, teasingly
around your outer folds. Savoring the sweet ecstasy. You
moan, and my cock leaps to attention. Not now, even though
I am rock hard this isn't about me. I continue, licking
slowly. Tasting the juices from your pussy as they drip
down my chin. Taking your clit into my mouth with gentle
suction I apply my tongue. Slowly circling. Applying firm
pressure. My finger slides into you with little effort
as you are well lubricated from your nectar. I proceed to
move my fingers in and out as I lick your clit and my other
hand is massaging your body and breasts. Firmly pressing
with my toungue. You feel my hot breathing in your mound.
Circling faster now clockwise...then counter-clockwise...up
and down...faster... your moaning is getting steadier
and you are running your fingers through my hair, pulling
me into you...faster still. You start to convulse and moan
louder... "FUCK" I keep licking..your thighs
join your hands clutching me closer. I am not going
is it my turn?

alli1016 41F
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4/26/2005 10:07 pm

i agree..this whole business of beating around the bush is silly indeed..why not just say it and be done with it..what an awesome mind u have..the beginning of a great time is an awesome mind

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