What Kind Of World Would This Be.....  

marywannado 43F
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7/8/2006 10:47 am

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4/9/2007 7:00 am

What Kind Of World Would This Be.....

If the trees never got their leaves

If the shores never met the seas

If the stars didn't have the sky

If each day didn't have it's nite

Like the bullets without the gun

Like the moon without the sun

Like all work but without any fun

Like to walk but to never run

If the flowers all lacked their color

If the champagne didn't have the bubbles

What kind of world would this be

If you hadn't crossed paths with me.....

justbecause49 67M
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7/8/2006 2:58 pm

It would have been a sad day for me. Crossed paths give color, better to have crossed than to be alone. It would have been a sad day indeed. A fulfillment of the need to be not alone.

moo_nips 57F

7/8/2006 3:46 pm

A desert without an oasis

marywannado 43F

7/9/2006 6:49 pm

Ahh, thanks...

marywannado 43F

7/9/2006 6:51 pm

moo nips,,,
Ain't that sweet,, thanks...

marywannado 43F

7/9/2006 6:52 pm

Hey, thanks...

HBowt2 58F

7/10/2006 1:39 am

nothing would be as it should be mary...

marywannado 43F

7/10/2006 8:30 am

You got that shit right...

rm_iroquois1953 63M
4 posts
3/11/2007 8:23 am

blind with eyes that can not see~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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