The Search.....  

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6/11/2006 10:51 am

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The Search.....

It was a long journey to the far away land. He rode for days and days, searching. He was searching for the strange, beautiful woman he kept seeing in his dreams. His mother told him when he was young, he was special, that he could see things in his dreams that were meant to be. As soon as he dreamed about her, he knew he had to find her. His dreams troubled him though. In his dreams, he kept hearing screaming, crying out to no one, he could see that she was in an old castle but it looked as if she was trapped in the tower. He had to find her. From what he caught in glimpses, he could see that the castle was surrounded by the gnarliest trees and there were ravens everywhere. The farther and farther he rode, it seemed the land got darker and drearier. He's never traveled this far West before, so maybe this is how it is out here, but as he got farther he thought that this can't be normal, no land is this desolate, everything seemed to be dying or already dead, animals, trees, the ground. He started getting a very bad feeling about this. Maybe he was just tired, but he can't stop, he must find her. As he rode along he seen in the distance, a remote castle, is it the one he's been searching for?? Was he finally to his destination?? He hurried up his horse into a gallop. As he neared the place he got that eerie feeling again. He brushed it aside. When he was almost upon the castle, he seen that it had to be the one, the evilest trees surrounded the place, and ravens were everywhere. Inside he could hear the saddest cries, when he found his way inside, he cautiously walked toward the tower stairway, pieces of the floor had rotted away so he had to be very careful as to where he stepped. As he went along, he kept hearing her sorrowful crying, in which made him hurry along. As he neared the top of the steps he saw the door was boarded up. He hollered inside to her to ask her if she was alright, but instead of her replying, it got eerily quiet. He told her to hold on. He removed the boards and opened the door, his first thought was that he should run, for inside were mutilated bodies torn to shreds and bones scattered everywhere. She sat on a stool looking out the lone window. " I knew you'd come",she said. She had the whitest hair and when she turned to face him, he saw that she had the whitest eyes. He knew that he should flee but he was frozen, and when she smiled, he saw she had the sharpest teeth he's ever saw. She came nearer and nearer, he knew he must be under some sort of spell, as he was captivated by her beauty. She said,"finally, my sweet, I knew we'd be together at last, I've been waiting for my perfect mate", Within an instant, she was beside him tearing into his throat, as he felt his life drain away, he knew that he would be forever hers....

rm_saintlianna 45F
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6/12/2006 9:48 am

Thats how I feel sometimes, that love is a death sentence. That was really good.

marywannado 43F

6/12/2006 10:07 am

Thanks alot..

marywannado 43F

6/12/2006 10:09 am

This was my first story, it just came to me, thanks for enjoying it...

and thanks for stoppin by again...

Twister2bed 47M
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6/12/2006 11:48 am

Well my eyes were bleeding by the time I got to the end of the story hehe but very good read.

curious082385 31F
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6/13/2006 12:33 am

Wow...definitely didn't see that ending coming.
Awesome story!

marywannado 43F

6/13/2006 12:19 pm

Hey, thanks...

marywannado 43F

6/13/2006 12:20 pm

curious,,,Thanks,, first time doin one of those...did ya like my little ending??

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