morning sex yay  

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7/18/2006 8:42 am

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morning sex yay

so this morning i had this gay crew meeting to go to at work, and my good HOT friend chris said he would take me. i have always wanted to fuck chris, so i told him to come an hour early and we would 'have breakfast'. when he got to my house i left a note on the front door to just come in. so he did. i was taking a shower, and left the door open just to see what he would do. so i was washing my hair and i turned around to see him naked behind me, hard as a rock. instantly we started kissing and rubbing our naked sudsy bodies together. i still needed to finish my shower, so i made him stand and watch me wash myself without touching me. he lost it when i was rubbing body wash into a lather on my wet glistening dd boobs. he grabbed me and held be against his erect cock and proceded to finger me. i could hardly contain myself. i quickly rinsed off and turned off the shower. i got out, wrapped a towel loosely around my dripping wet body and made a sexy face, and he immediately got the picture. he grabbed a towel and loosely put it around his toned body. we got to my room and dried each other off and put lotion all over our bodies. at this point we were both reaaaaaally horny. i went and got a warming pleasure condom, ripped the towel off him, laid him down on my bed, and put it on with my mouth. i then straddled him and teased him by rubbing the end of his cock on my clit. after a couple minutes of this he grabbed my hips and forced his huge, thick throbbing cock inside of me, making me gasp and moan with pleasure. he started moving up and down teasing me by changing pace. he started pumping faster and faster, and i arched my back grabbing the back of my ankles giving him a great view of my tits and my curvy body. he grabbed me, and turned me over while still inside me, so he was on top. he took my tits one at a time licking, sucking. and biting each of them making me moan and grab his ass pushing him deep inside me. chris started talking dirty to me calling me a dirty slut and biting and sucking my collarbones. he took my legs and put them up on his shoulders and pumped fast, his cock rubbing my clit every time. i moaned and pushed up my hips with his rhythm until i orgasmed, my muscles contracting around his huge dick. he ordered me to stand up and bend over. he fucked me doggy style, spanking my ass hard like i like it, leaving red hand prints. he pumped faster and faster until he was about to cum, and i turned around, slid off the condom fastly, and took all the cum in my mouth and swallowed it all like a good girl, leaving the tip of his cock in my mouth running my tounge over it while it was super sensitive. he watched me get dressed. i completely missed the crew meeting, but it was worth it. chris and i decided that we were going to make our great morning sex a routine.

rm_not2little 35M/33F

7/18/2006 11:18 am

very nice, I wish You will do the same for me, But I think we would have to try something different. lol. Very nice though.

339fr7 34M
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7/19/2006 12:04 am

Lucky him.

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