the seal  

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8/20/2006 9:34 am

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the seal

And so, because he needed a god, he remained.
In acknowledgment of fealty, he proceeded to
take upon himself the guardianship of his
master's property. It was the beginning of
the end for him, the ending of the old life
and the reign of hate. A new and incomprehensibly
fairer life was dawning. As the days went by,
the evolution of like into love was accelerated.
He himself began to grow aware of it, though in
his consciousness he knew not what love was.
It manifested itself to him as a void in
his being, a hungry, aching, yearning void
that clamored to be filled. It was a pain
and an unrest; and it received easement
only by the touch of the new god's presence.
White Fang was in the process of finding himself.

backrubto69 60M

8/20/2006 5:32 pm

Paradox is the only meaning of live that makes sense. Can you describe color to a blind man? He has no frame of reference. How can you say that the meaning of life is Love? You can never know the true joy of love till you have been alone and abandon. Indeed how can you concieve that life has meaning when the only way to appreciate life is by seeing death, cold still death.

So with out the loss we can never apprciate the gain, with out ignorance we never strive to learn, and so with love we never find it, till we give it away.

White Fang knew that when he stopped being himself that he would become a part of the greater, and be then greater himself. Animals are blessed as they know this as their heart lesson at birth, poor humans must learn this bitterly, sometimes several times. But it is in the pain, the toil, the sweat and the tears that we find our peace, indeed it is the only way to find ourselves.

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