save a horse  

mary1025 47F
1/16/2006 9:10 am
save a horse

let me jump in your game
the cover sometimes makes the book
free at last, free at last
we are, we can, we be
like sands through an hour glass
looking for salvation all night long
nature is a whore? no soup for you!
all you see is meat
madagascar need a remedy
live aroused and satisfied
make good, know whos who
try on spirits like clothes
know mankind, the three men
i admire most, petition
fate and faith, hope and love
another chapter unfolds
from border to border
a fan of life, be a sport
baby, you aint seen nothing yet

GenomEmmysGulps 54M

1/21/2006 3:01 pm

blood rushing through my veins
firm feels nice
turning to liquid but not like melting snow

mary1025 47F

1/23/2006 12:52 pm

Aye: many, many souls are in me.
In my tropical calms,
when my ship lies tranced on Eternity's main,
speaking one at a time,
then all with one voice:
an orchestra, rising and falling,
and swaying, in golden responses.
I lie stretched out in their midst,
knowing no ebb, nor flow.
Then again, I am dashed
in the spray of these sounds;
an eagle at the worlds end,
tossed skyward, on the horns of the tempest.
Yet, again, I descend, and list to the concert.

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