mary1025 47F
1/25/2006 8:37 am

scream have a fit
kill the messenger
she got away or did you push
hang from the chandelier
did i just fall from your arms down into your hands
im not here because i need to be
you dont know what it means to be free
i think about where ive been
and how i survive visitation
custody of my life and breath
he that is unjust is unjust still
look what love has done cursed blessed
i have it all just not within reach
how can i gain your respect
from deep within the world of the dead i cried
the story was quite clear
i started down a dirty road
a traveler of both time and space
all will be revealed
a fallen arrow i had to rock the boat
i had to shake the rubber tree plant
swing low sweet chariots of fire
dont look down on me because of my color
i am only a wild flower in sharon
i opened the door for my lover
in the dark of the sun will you save me a place
theres gotta be something left for us to believe
a rebel with a clue out in a field of green
we were built to last
i dont wanna fight no more
and the other gun slinger thought about it
oh my God tom who are we going to tell
i saw you sail across a river
till we stand together stand
from across the canyon my guitar gently weeps
underneath orions sword i will return again

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