mary1025 47F
11/3/2005 1:02 pm

tell me all your thoughts on God
come to my window
cars dont drive in the middle of the street
i will stand by you forever
angels in the hood
you can take my breath away
may the Lord watch between me and thee
while we are absent one from another
someone said love would save us all
im not waiting except on you
spare strike extra innings
over time out nose in the corner
does it escape your attention
theyre covered head to toe in
you couldve just faked it boy
give my regards to broadway

mary1025 47F

11/3/2005 1:14 pm

i wrote this after my daughter was almost hit by a car and her friend made it across she wouldnt have and was trying to when she heard i believe it was an angel for she heard it as a thought she didnt think but thought came with lightbulb "cars dont drive in the middle of the street" she was almost clobbered is what a neighbor said seeing it all unfold she stood still and was spared another day i hope she keeps listening

Plano69 54M

11/8/2005 1:24 pm

help me open my drums
so that I can hear too
the help around us
God bless you
and your child
balanced between
the mild and wild
live long and believe
in the force
pray you stay safe
and don't lose the gifts
you cherish

mary1025 47F

11/11/2005 10:59 am

roped and tied monument white house lawn
forrest where have you been wade
you can check out but you can never leave
the great divide God of our fathers
every little can find the little house

darcon71 45M

3/8/2006 10:12 pm

i will never be able to listen to that song the same way again. I have always been moved when he sang the part about "stand by you forever" is it Julios son? I wish you saw how much God blesses you and took solice in that. There is no reason to be the clod lonely wolf taking care of the young, let us not forget how many she puched away. Nothing happened because something is going to happen. There is a plan for the two most important people in the grand sceme of things. I am also quite sure the plan is for the other two to have good times upon good times. Got faith?

mary1025 47F

3/9/2006 3:14 pm

cold as the ice in her veins
to do what shes done
laid down her life for truth
we all want to go on
raising arizona again
God's gift lady and her shoe
she knew what to do

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