nobody knows  

mary1025 47F
10/28/2005 12:10 pm
nobody knows

nobody knows we can make it
you put the spark to the flame
one thing ive learned
i guess i went a little too far
baby backed into the light pole
sunday morning is everyday
i too found God
its not what you take
its what you leave behind
when you go
excuse me but can i take a ride
braveheart never been kissed
follow the yellow brick road
reach out touch me
we're not in kansas anymore
he shall be
live on

darcon71 45M

3/7/2006 10:06 pm

the lucky man crying
the begger with a grin
the plain ol' motherfucker
will always win
I am not here to fuck
now you may be.
if yer not gunna recover
then i'm gittin my ass outta here
win baby! gana mucho
survive to shit a giggle tomorrow
its worth it, you were right
you don't pick losers

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