mary1025 47F
6/15/2006 2:05 pm

cocoa butter, as good as it gets
let me take you on a carpet ride
im no rug muncher, not that theres
anything wrong with it, i know by
now what i like, the plane, the plane
come sit on daddys lap you say
we went to the beach today with kids
and dog, how do i hold my own
not bad winter weight gain, though
hes an incredible cook, his latest
joy of cooking, jalapenos and a bell
pepper from our very own victory garden
going to work soon, and away for 8 days
im loving the games right now, i consider
sports center, mother board, for the games
i miss, what do you do with a girl
who has to have two tvs in one room
we're soup, so its not like a statement
but theres usually at least two things
i have to see at once, like last night
stanley cup finals and cubs, till i went
out with my friend and i had to ask
more than once to have the game on
through a friend, why do i love sports?
its live, unpredictable, real, endless,
theres always something coming up,
how can an anchor pull? what remains is
all that matters, the constant, dream
big, dream little, forget, document, study
what would freud say? who gives a shit
analyze, box me in, i know the corner well
all i want is to be better every second
pass it on, salvation is anything we need
my ex step son is a ranger in iraq
do you think i care what gets him through?

darcon71 45M

6/16/2006 1:52 am

i heard today on the news our troops
are still getting hit 500 times a day
by one enemy or another for whatever reasons
you were not in viet nam, 49022
hell is a description not a place

big ups for cl and jg

!!! take no shit!!!

no more doubt
no more fear
no more regret

win baby

69sevenlove 54M

6/16/2006 9:56 pm

My thoughts your words ...
real unpredictable, spontaneous
the first and only reality tv
just an addiction, that all
mine is World cup matches
save, goal, pass, play
win, lose, draw

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