love is all good people need  

mary1025 47F
12/27/2005 1:14 pm
love is all good people need

yankee in king arthurs court
that which i determine
i probably wouldnt be this way
if it werent for love
somebody stole my morphine
impossible thursday thursday
ramble on the tour bus
on your left is the mansion of
the man in motion the broken road
lift me higher and hold my arms
cry for the saviors and the prophets
son lets make a deal
what goes around comes around
guess i'll have to see
endless love against all odds
stop living by the rules
i rewrote the bible borrow my halo
steal the rhythm strike a pose
like a crown of thorns its all you know
enter the rest justified
hide and seek losing hope is easy
find your limit
i would die for you
till kingdom come thy work i done
on earth as it was in dallas

mary1025 47F

2/25/2006 2:12 am

"Where we had started from, we'd never gotten back to, a fishing expedition gone nowhere. In no take did we turn back the clock. We just kept winding it."

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