in the heat of the night  

mary1025 47F
6/14/2006 8:51 pm
in the heat of the night

archie, tonight i need to get away from you
ive given you space, fear not, i said before
i had reason to, ive been through hell again
love bites, but is worth it, i know who i am
where im going and whos going with me
all that matters, hes happy mostly now
today i read an email from a guy, all he said
was, where do i sign up? my left army and write
i was on quest for love when i left my husband
who didnt love anything about me that was me
did i remake myself, or blossom? i was buried
to bloom, cant escape my calling, can you?
i will always be true to you, by being me
all i did was laugh and have a good time
hope you do too, i dont hope to change or bind
you, love is ever changing, growing, expanding,
coming out my pores, not available, but beautiful
go space monkey, one game changes everything
edith where are you going? where the action is

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