i will feel you forever  

mary1025 47F
11/3/2005 2:17 pm
i will feel you forever

going to california
with arms wide open
welcome to this place
who will show this little
boy around i dont know
and its a man answering
send me letters from above
dont you know that i will
always be your friend
i go to speak with
those who might listen
lord of the flies tremble
some dance to remember

darcon71 45M

3/8/2006 10:20 pm

born in california
they never told me if i cried
thank you for letting me in
what else is there to know
let all the walls down
go with your heart
you know what to do but you cant make them
just do your best and everything will be ok
thank you for making my best out to be
the perfect model of exactness i wish it was
you are the kindest of the kind
you are the queen of my heart
i wish there wasnt things to remember
i am glad it is unforgettable

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