i can explain  

mary1025 47F
1/24/2006 2:35 pm
i can explain

hear me baby im nearly crazy
my ex on the warpath again
when was the last time he didnt hate me
in the name of love and God he doesnt know
that which he cannot control he seeks to destroy
i do my dreaming with a gun
first time i asked for a divorce he tried to me
i won the battle still theres war
this is my post
friend of the court took notes
every account
but i never called the cops
forgive and forget i tried till i couldnt remember
no proof hes a monster
assigned myself cleanup duty when i looked in the mirror
and saw what had become of me
so hear me baby
when he corners you with my past
i promise i have reason
i left shattered broken abused
never again
gonna shade my children ways i understand
i pieced myself back together
crawled till i could run to you
gonna swing my scythe got a hand upon the handle
open yourself when worlds align
hear the prophets speak in turn
be sincere and determined
love you in your second skin
be prepared for times when you are put to the test
are you experienced
ah let me prove it to you
love or confusion
footprints dressed in red
grant that we grow old together
let me be a hero in my daughters eyes
son live by your sword
walk it with the spirit
with the power of soul anything is possible
all you got is your backbone to lean on
lead me down to the praying ground
the bordertown is the great divide
prove to the man youre as strong as him
pray for me if you want to
the man in the cage is always for freedom
i thought of the ending
they sang a new song
underground radio is getting together
i do not count no days

Plano69 54M

1/25/2006 10:57 pm

I think I understand the master plan
danger danger Will Robinson
Help, I need somebody
what about the children set her free
somewhere there's a place for us ahead
Beevis and Peace or War with Butthead
Custers last stand and free delivery
sweet Christine the stand misery
black hole carpets in the dark depths of Mordor
and the perfect sky is between two lovers
broken pieces on the ground
tears of silence is the sound
we don't need no education
verbal mental masturbation
we don't need no stinkin' badges
load the guns baton the hatches
I wanna be there to see your Ex
swingin' on the gallows pole
I fought the law
don't rock the boat
one day you'll win and score
he's kryptonite upon your cape
you need to get it all on tape
smile for me while I pray for you
somehow we will get you through

mary1025 47F

1/28/2006 8:19 am

the human torch
invisible girl
i foiled the plan
when i didnt die
almost convinced
i was the monster
my soul ripped shredded
no body loves me
one day i knew i did
and began from there
come on we're streaking

darcon71 45M

1/28/2006 9:22 am

tasteetia.......... on this site or any other, some people look at it as a way to meet people or attract a prince. for some it is an outlet and a forum a way to express themselves wanted to be appreciated but simultaniously not caring what others think. I feel bad for the ones trying to get a date or get laid. Easy for me to say right now i admit but even when i wasnt getting any i saw blogging as a situation where if you meet people or make freinds so be it but it is mostly for me.

mary1025,........ thank you for being you. i liked this one (except for missing the bibliography page, Chris might ge tmad at you) sometimes i cant break the code...but i felt this one.

mary1025 47F

1/29/2006 9:56 am

i mean no disrespect
its all been said and done before
retirement plan
honor the team
speak for me
without ink and pen
touch dont look
read between the lines a book
with your candle lit in red
no reason to hide
she gone underground for a ride

lickudeep_inside 48M

3/2/2006 8:22 am

Wow!! so very powerful..words fail me but certainly not you.

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