gone fishin  

mary1025 47F
4/4/2006 4:42 pm
gone fishin

he got a license at the
bait shop after work today
to make us legal
and night crawlers
id rather be catchin than fishin
he said after awhile
but they are addicted
hours by the river
the kids and abby explored
coming back to ask
catch anything yet
can i get the worm, cast it out,
hold the pole, we fed the river
when the sun was still out
it was perfect
such potential to be happy
we are today and usually
we havent finished watching the
cubs tape we stopped it yesterday
to fish before the championship
as it was in the days of noah
dont mind if we dont do homework

AtticusHenry9 42M/44F

4/4/2006 6:00 pm


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