crash in my rearview  

mary1025 47F
11/1/2005 11:18 am
crash in my rearview

to cross over
how do you hold onto love
you dont
northern exposure
lucid purgatory
somewhere in time
superman saves free willy
the rear window
hold me like the river jordan
the lion witch and the wardrobe
he made a bet
a pact
broke the seal
my soul for the world
stand in the gap
no, freedom is never free

darcon71 45M

3/8/2006 10:04 pm

a diamond in the rough
a queen on an island
to be in need, to have to want
baby what do you need
why cant you get it for yourself
i am nothing without you
thank you for saving me
i will try
but i will always know
my best is not good enough for you
you are precious
live free, and let freedom reign

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