catch 22  

mary1025 47F
2/22/2006 7:22 am
catch 22

the cat car won the first
daytona 500 i ever watched
the first race i ever watched
the day before
i was living in hateration
and had learned to escape
in sports
i was hooked
didnt even know dale jr existed
till 2002
i loved the cars first
read everything i could read
watched the ticker
dodge ford chevy
name number speed order
you ask for it you got it
then the pit stops
holy shit
the precision
it was an orchestra
soon i was watching qualifying
practice happy hour
then i was there
my first race i went to
two summers ago michigan
i remember lifting up
both arms
my 24oz budweiser in one
a fist in the other
i just held the pose
oh my God it feels like they
drive through me
the vibration and the noise
no tickets anywhere this season yet
went to 4 races last summer
2 nascar 1 indy car in wisconson
and to a dirt track we have in hartford
that was almost my favorite
they tear into their corners and slide
just wanted you to know how i coped
music sports writing
dont know if youre a sports fan
but you sure can draw and write
i couldnt be happier we're friends
you have quite a following
carry on yourself
another pied piper
be inspired
always and forever

Plano69 54M

2/23/2006 10:51 pm

wow.. 2002
you really love it...
car turned into a butterfly
some boy named Burton?
they really fly...
explains why your thoughts zip by
at light speed?
used to love the speed and roar
before the kids came
dirt track short track
demolition and more
owned a dirt bike street bike
mountain bike and truck...haha
saw nascar in Richmond
monster trucks LOL!
would love to see an indy race
but so far the closest is
driven with stallone
concerts games it's been so long
nothing like being there live
love the doing more than the watching
more I learn the less I know...
love the way you describe the races
your joy and delight and anticipation
I heard the drills the roars the cheers
and felt it too... through you
never thought you'd touch me
pay me any mind or spare change
how do you do it
those strange magical twists
to me such an intoxicating allure
making me use my one brain cell left..
you sound so freebird
in your prose...
insane thin line genius
Thanks for this..
you've made my day
I admit some of your stuff
wrestles and pins my poor brain
then I found the blogs...
are you getting as addicted to this as I am?
making some of friends
don't know where it'll end
still haven't seen anyone
skin to skin...
I'm learning so much
how the mind affects our sexuality...
so does that make us sexual
"special affects" artists? HAHA!
I was right about one thing...
You really are a hottie!
Love your new pics...
beautiful metamorphosis
thank you for sharing
and calling me friend
you do inspire me ...

mary1025 47F

2/24/2006 1:26 pm

i couldnt be happier at this moment
smiling ear to ear you are heaven sent

Plano69 54M

2/24/2006 8:24 pm

and only 1200 miles around the track...

mary1025 47F

2/25/2006 12:39 am

i know exactly where you are
before i set myself free
i was hooked up to doyle
one of your televised locals
he had enough truth that he
changed my life but religion
i hate and finally escaped
i quote many writers my fav
free horses need wide prairies

darcon71 45M

3/10/2006 1:42 pm

aint life grand

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