"It was  

mary1025 47F
2/20/2006 11:32 am
"It was

a heart breaker and probaby your last big test
in the crucible of fire that molds a man into a man.
I prefer to feel that way about it...
and you will be stronger for it.
Disappointments and heartbreaks strengthen a man.
Your day will come; this I know. Your determination,
desire and devotion to the game will carry you to new heights."

Plano69 54M

2/21/2006 6:55 am

deep inside me
where my thoughts defy description
you strum the chords I hear
some how I feel what I don't understand
yet it comforts and calls me near
my heart was shattered without explanation
she was gone with all I could bear
trying to see through my own self deception
trying to pretend that I didn't care
in you I see such a deep penetration
of the truth to the truths in my life of games
marvel at the lessons you had to conquer
and how you managed not to go insane
I don't really know just what you are feeling
or what led me here other than your name
but the words you play like crosstown traffic
sparks in me a new fire to tame
you're a gem a rainbow a star in heaven
a constellation in living form
the thoughts you weave are so compelling
I'm starting to feel like one reborn
I'm just a fool lost in dimensions
adrift in a world of no returns
looking for answers to my unknown questions
I have yet so much to learn...

mary1025 47F

2/25/2006 1:24 am

are you real
asked the rabbit
live happily
ever after born again
epiphany of the soul
the adventures of
a gathering of angels
save the day
come sail away
we're on our way
not sure where
we're not alone
coming into our own

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