it's my one rule.....  

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8/1/2005 12:52 pm

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it's my one rule.....

I've had the pleasure of talking to some very lovely ladies so far. They have all been kind, sexy and interested up to the point of the one dreaded guy question; "are you married?".

I answer that question honostly by saying I am and that she does not know I'm looking for some extra sexual excitement.

I know that quite a few of the ladies I've talked to are married themselves, but the next line after I answer the dreaded question almost always seem to be: "I'm so sorry, but I have only one rule, and that is.....".

At that point we say a nice goodbye and go our seperate ways. (some I talk to on a platonic level)

Are there any ladies out there that are not 1) looking for another lady. and 2) don't have that one rule that leaves a good number of guys here hanging?

I can understand "the Rule" if you are on here as a lady looking for Mr Right. But this is probably not the best place to look for him, and Mr Right-Now (of which there are plenty around here) who is just looking for some fun times, but no commitment, should be plenty aware of what he is doing for you not to care about the "other lady".

It seems that there is no such thing as "no strings attached". even from the ladies that claim that.


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