Two roads  

marriedseeksbi 55M/34F
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8/19/2006 2:18 pm
Two roads

There comes a time in life when each of us come to a road that splits, giving us the option. On one hand, you could take the road that leads down a well light, secure looking and in many ways very richy rich area. On the other hand you could take the road that most of the street lights don't work, the cars are abandoned and the police dare not go. You stop and look at your choices, weighing the options, trying to figure out what awaits you at the other side. Finally you decide that the road that is well-lit is the road to take. As you start to walk you get this feeling of emptiness surrounded by emotions of complete bliss. It isn't until you reach the other side that you realize two things: the first is that both roads lead to the same place in the end and the second is that the road that was not taken may have been the one that seemed to be unsafe but in the end the only thing unsafe was your decision to judge which road you took based on appearance alone. Thinking back you realize that the emptiness that you felt was not because of no one on the street but because you had an empty void that could have been filled by taking the road that would have and very well may have addressed fears or issues in your life. To that thought you have concluded that judging based on appearance may very well deny yourself the opportunity to face those things that you do not want to or know how to face.

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