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ok,so we hit the liquor store friday afternoon knowing it may not be open for the holiday all our supplies(munchies.....bbq fixin's....nessecary replenishments of smokes,water,gatorade for bulls,&everything else we might need for a weekend of sun,fun and celebration.
my birthday wasn't actually until sunday(the 2nd)but we figured..nothing would be open.spent fri nite sipping white wine,after a feast of chinese,watching some great or what?!)while lying on quilts we had spread on the living room floor and making passionate love all evening.(even used some anal beads we bought that day...on me,of
My 2 best girlfriends called us around noonish on sat. to let us know they were in town.I packed up all my stuff,including my sexiest outfits for clubbing,makeup,flat iron,everything i might need,cuz those beautiful dolls got 2 hotel rooms and were treating me to a nite on the town!
we arrived shortly thereafter and were informed that they had invited 3 guys they worked with(who has to be said.....HOT!!!!!and loaded!!!!)and as we drank,laughed and got beautiful.....they arrived a couple of hours later....
it was truly one of the best birthdays i had ever had,for several reasons:
1)all the people i cared about were with me(with the exclusion of my daughter who was with my mom overnite)
2)I LOOKED GORGEOUS!!!!!!it has to be said,i'm usually depressed as hell about growing older,but that was not the case this weekend.i wore my most cleavage bearing black haltertop,flowing skirt,with a layered effect,that showed off my newly tanned legs.....and i was having the best hairday of my life!!!!(u know what i'm saying ladies......just drunk enough to feel thin!haha)
3)we got to the bar and my girls men had a running tab started for everyone on their gold card all night!!
4)the DJ played every song we asked him to
5)I was getting hit on,felt up,left and right,and NOONE could believe my real age...(31)
6)4 more of my best girls showed up and we danced and laughed most of the nite,and on to the 2nd bar at around 2:30 to keep the fun going....the tab was still running and i had slight reservations about the cost but was told to shut up and just have fun,,,,,,so i did!
finally...#7)one of the sweetest friends i've ever known,who's like,the girl next door,everyone loves her,came home with us (after we got pizza of course)
now,hubby and i have had many fantasy sessions about having her in bed with us,& in my wildest dreams,i'd never think it would have happened!!!!
SHE INITIATED IT!!!!!first by grinding on me at the bar,then by kissing me...really sensually,right in front of everyone several was so deliciously shocking!
we got back to our place and she immediately took us to bed....kissing me,and taking off her tank.we all began stripping and fondling each others bodies.she has absolutely incredible tits!!!!(she's a bigger girl,with a beautiful womanly shape,soft skin and the sweetest most innocent face.......getting hot just thinking about it!)
she eventually spead her legs as she stroked hubby's raging hard on and i licked her sweet little cunny till she came so hard she grabbed the sheets and groaned.
that would have been enough of a birthday gift 4 me....but she had me lay back and she licked me!!!!it was one of the best oral experiences i've ever had.(she confided in me that i was her first,which amazed and humbled me)
all in all,i rang in this birthday with a hell of a bang!
does anyone else have a birthday story they'd like to share?luv to hear any and all.....

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7/5/2006 11:03 am

Gee we cant wait to meet you guys, it could be awesome and happy bel;ated birthday as well

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7/7/2006 7:50 pm

Happy belated birthday ~ hope that u got ur wish come true...

marriednhor002 49M/41F

7/11/2006 10:58 am

thanx so much u guys!appreciated!hugs all around!

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