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We were in Paris. You looked so hot in your tight black dress, the street lights flashing off your hair. I was pretty hot and bothered, having just toured the louvre's romantics. We decided to have dinner, but little did I know what you had in mind. The restaurant was small, secluded, dark, very romantic. We sat at a corner table with mere candlelight to see by. I ordered the snails(with ketchup, of course), while you wanted the filet mignon. As you watched the waiter walk away, you scooted closer, lightly rubbing the inside of my thigh, barely brushing my cock. Taking my hand, you told me you had ideas for desert as I reached under your dress to find nothing but heaven. You start breathing a little harder as I circle, ever so lightly on the inside of your thigh, getting a bit higher with each pass. You crush my lips, our tongues twining, searching, thrusting as I part the folds of your soaked pussy, rubbing your little button, carresing your inner walls. You barely whimper as I slip two fingers deep inside, your cunt grabbing me like never before. I can't take it anymore and pull you under the table, almost pulling the cloth completely off trying to get you to join me. Your protests turn to moans of pleasure as I hike up your dress, running my tongue up your leg, lightly tasting your center before moving up to your breasts. There's hardly any room, but I manage to take first one, then the other between my teeth while playing with your nipple with my tongue. You gasp as you push my head lower, pausing briefly to circle your belly button, then moving down, your fingers tightly wrapped in my hair as I part your folds, my tongue flicking your clit, your cunt gushing, you taste so good. I slip a finger inside your sopping hole, feeling it contract as I start nibbling ever so lightly on your love button. You almost cry out with the intensity of the feeling. We get up and compose ourselves as the waiter shows with our order, but holding my growing prick, you still have other things in mind. You whisper in my ear to go to the bathroom, take the stall closest to the wall, and wait for you. I walk in, take the stall and wait for a few minutes. I hear the door open, then expectantly free my cock from his confines. Theres a single knock on the stall door, then you rush through, knocking me onto the toilet, forcing your tongue between my lips, pulling your dress up. I take one tit into my mouth as you plant your hot box onto my turgid tool, thrusting hard, fast, faster, faster til my balls start tightening , your twat clenching with anticipation, faster, harder, you cry out as I fill you up with my own juices...

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