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6/5/2005 9:33 pm

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Pranks - My Favorite

I was reading a young ladies Blog earlier and she was mentioning a few pranks from her youth. I regret that I don't remember her handle, but thanks for the topic...

My FAVORITE prank of all time occured in the summer of 1980 tween my sophmore & junior years: I was working as a stagehand at Mariott's Great America's "Theatre Royale" where we were doing a full-production magic show (6 shows a day, 6 days a week with Monday off). The two magicians: Doug & Daryl were naturally pranksters, and then we had 12 dancers (split male/female).

One of the male dancers Dennis had been dating one of the female dancers Lisa for almost the last year and was now engaged. But then mid-summer he was selected to dance in the production of "La Cage Au Folles" at the MGM in Reno (at double his current pay).

After two months (late August), Lisa was rather depressed with the seperation... so our two magicians thought it would be a GREAT idea to "kidnap" Lisa after work on Sunday and drive her to Reno for a reunion with Dennis!

They enlisted myself and Matt (another devious stagehand), and half of the cast tagged along. We got Lisa in one of the cars that Sunday evening... obstensibly going to a local bar for post-work drinks... and headed up I-80 to Reno.

We arrived at the MGM Grand at about 10pm (after stopping at a store for pie-pans and whipped cream to great Dennis at his hotel room door)... we all crowded into an elevator and headed up to his room.

We hid on either side of the door, and then knocked... and oops... a HOT girl opened the door in a LACY lil teddy... wrong room right!? Ooops... Dennis' voice calls out "Who is it Babe?"

Well... Lisa pushed through girl and the door... slamming it, and then you could hear her confronting her man... shouts, curses, and a angry scream or two.

The look on the two magicians' faces and the cast was one of pure shock and terror... we all stood in the hall unsure of what to do... Matt and I held our pie-pans at the ready, but there was no target... or WAS there ?

The door opened again: Dennis, Lisa, and the other girl all had their arms around each others waists and grinning... and then the pies hit Doug & Daryl right in the face !!

Matt and I had set it up WITH Lisa and Dennis... who had planned to have the other girl (a dancer also) there... BTW, this was my first introduction to bi-sexual women 'cause Lisa kissed the girl passionately on the mouth. The three laughed at THEIR joke on the magicians and the cast... and then closed the hotel room door with a wink.

The rest of us headed down to the casino for the next few hours (ooops, I'm only 16... so hide near the nickel and dime slots). I loved watching the cocktail waitresses... had two drinks... and made $800 <hahah>.

I ended up driving Doug's Caddie home the next afternoon/evening 'cause almost everyone else was drunk... Matt was driving the other car 'cause he's allergic to ETOH (alchohol).

A CLASSIC prank... I think.

missy97330 47F

6/5/2005 10:49 pm

That's an awesome story. I love it!

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