No Shoes, No Shirt, NO Problem...  

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9/1/2005 2:59 pm

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No Shoes, No Shirt, NO Problem...

Well, I will soon start my second week of vacation. Lounging here on the beaches of Camiguin Island.

I guess I got tired of tropical life/weather during my 15 years in the US Navy: near constant deployments to the Western Pacific, Indian Ocean, and Arabian Gulf... the 90-110 degree temperatures, the afternoon rain-squalls taking the humidity to near 100%, and the frequent inability to shower due to the flight schedule/water hours.

Sure, I would enjoy the time in Hawaii or other island visits (loved ya Singapore). And, I loved sailing on my own boat in the waters of SoCal & Mexico... but the move to the SF Bay area meant colder water and higher costs. My job kept me inside 99% of the time and working 6 days a week.

This vacation has brought it all back though... rising with the sun (still a habit), walking down to the beach with my morning coffee wearing nothing but khaki shorts (sorry, can't do the Euro-Speedo thing), a light breeze, the sound of the surf, and later gorgeous brown bodies.

And yes, I walk often with my IPod listening to a mix of Jimmy Buffet, Alan Jackson, Kenny Chesney and others singing happy island songs.

Ah, but soon it will be time to return to California and the winter: decorating shops for Halloween & Christmas, spending the holidays working on my brother's ranch and clearing my lil patch of land... snow, rain, and autumn leaves.

But for now I'll live on sponge-cake, watch the sun bake all the tourists covered in oil...

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