More Thoughts on Water-Borne Sex  

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7/13/2005 7:54 am

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More Thoughts on Water-Borne Sex

Ah, the hot-tub... back in the 70's it was the realm of the swinger! Many adventures started there over the years from private tubs to the tub-houses of the 80's.

My first tub-sex ? Hmmm... Wendy K! We were 21, and I working as a life-guard at a local swim club and had been flirting with Wendy for a week or so when she'd come by to get some sun... a few kisses, but nothing more.

Bless her heart, she took the lead: She complained one afternoon of aches from working out and said she was going to go to the local hot-tub place... and said "Gee Robert, you want to come along?"

Well after the sun had gone down and I'd shoved all the little water-rats (kids) out the gate... Wendy & I drove over. I wasn't thinking I was going to get laid... honest!

But I DID feel alittle dirty arranging to rent a tub, get the towels, etc... I of course had my suit on under my shorts... and was abit shocked when Wendy jumped into the tub nekkid!

I joined her... she wanted to kiss... and I mean KISS! She pulled my suit down and started working Mr. Happy with one hand while holding my neck with the other.

I had learned to lick the clitty from a few prior GF's and figured THIS was the time to put it to practical use... Wendy approved loudly.

OH !! That was the other thing about this place that made me harder than stone... All the tubs WERE enclosed in private lil rooms... but the walls WERE thin and I could hear several other couples enjoying themselves just a few yards away.

Wendy rolled over on the edge of the tub after I'd licked to my third screaming orcasm... she stick her lil tush in the air and spread her lips wide with her fingers after tossing me a condom from her purse... OH how tight n wet she was!

I certainly learned HOW naughty Wendy was that night... after we'd fucked twice and I was catching my breath... she pointed over to a wall (my first time seeing a glory-hole), and the HUGE cock protruding thru a hole.

Wendy walked right over... gave it a few good sucks... then pulled another condom out of her purse and backed her ass up onto it... she fucked that wall for a good 20 minutes! I got a VERY good BJ from her while she was riding that fat monster!

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