Late Night Ramble...  

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6/7/2005 10:14 pm

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Late Night Ramble...

Well... sitting up late: watching "Deadly Catch" on Discovery about Bering Sea Crab Fishing, and having memories (not all fond) of time in the Navy.
Way back in 1987 I spent 4 months cruising the Bering Sea/ North Pacific on board a US frigate. This was back in the days prior to: females on-board, satellite TV, or email... when we were still chasing Soviet subs.

Besides the standard cruise delight of cramped quarters & four months at sea... we did this during the winter months of Oct-Jan. Launching and landing a helicopter in seas of 8-12 feet with rolls of 20-30 degrees (once having to refuel in air and fly another 4 hours to wait for seas to drop from 15 feet). Oh, also the fun of shoveling snow and ice from off the flight deck.

Anyway, watching the show I actually got nostalgic for it... also remembering the feeling of grabbing sleep as the ship rolls. The bed (rack) actually had a 'seatbelt'... like a crib for a 25yr old... the motion would just send me off to dreamland.

Oh well... a foolish enty, but screw it.

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