IDIOCY - Cable News at it's best  

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2/8/2006 5:46 pm

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IDIOCY - Cable News at it's best

Okay, right now I was cooking dinner and was stopped by the CNN Breaking News song... I glanced at the TV to see the story: a possible Nerve Agent released in the Russell Senate Building.

Now I like my news, but CNN is annoying at this point... they just BABBLE and announce each whisper in their ears, each cell-call from a Senate Staffer, and other rumor as though it were the GOSPEL!! THEN it becomes a biological nerve agent Last I remember ALL Nerve agents (weapon) are chemical in their construction

Now I spent a few years (15) in the Navy, did endless NCBR (Nuclear, Chemical, Biological, Radiological) drills and classes... I KNOW a number of the basic manuals are unclassified.

My point: WHY does CNN not have these items, this information on HAND ? I mean a simple database backed up with the manuals in reserve!

Because listening to Paula Zahn babble without point, direction, or knowledge is giving me a migraine !!

I think I'll go watch "Dogma" to get a laugh and a mellow smile

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