Bedwarmer !!  

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8/21/2005 8:42 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Bedwarmer !!

I know I haven't finished with Maya's last visit... but she suprised me last night with another visit!

I'd been down to the local bar for some beers, talk, and TV. I walked home at about 8:45pm(Don't Drink & Drive) the five blocks, climbed the stairs, and noticed Maya sitting on my porch in a t-shirt & shorts!

She said Curtis was out of town for the weekend and asked if I minded if she came inside. I opened the door and gestured for her to go on in... once inside, she wrapped me in a hug and a kiss. I backed up abit and explained to her that I don't fuck with married girls UNLESS I have their husband's "okay".

Maya whipped out her cell, dialed Curtis and asked him if it was okay for her to spend the night at my place... then shoved the phone at me to hear Curtis giving his approval! Okay, that works.

I was tired though... rather buzzed from the beers, and really just wanted to SLEEP!! So I just closed the front door, walked to the bedroom, stripped down, hit the bathroom for teeth-brushing, and then dropped into my bed!

I haven't had a wife or regular GF in 4 years... so I'm NOT used to sleeping with anyone Maya dropped her shorts and climbed into bed with me.

She wanted to kiss, cuddle, and grope... I obliged for a spell, but then just nodded off. I DID have some wonderful, warm, happy dreams (could those be caused by a warm, petite, minx clinging to my chest?).

I DID wake though early to find Maya sucking my cock and balls <groan>... refreshed by my sleep I found her attentions quite reasonable now!

We fucked for a little over two hours (during which she called Curtis at his hotel to announce to him that I was fucking her and fingering her ass)... We then showered, I got her coffee (four sugars and cream)... she's curled up on my couch right now watching cartoons . She's also announced that she has a friend she thinks would be "just right" for me.

Oh... and the kinky lil minx called me Uncle Robert again

rm_mariner311 52M
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8/23/2005 9:15 am

Well MzHunyHole, I certainly enjoy her 'visits'! I also like Maya as a person-in-general; though, the difference 'tween her public & private personalities can be surprising I certainly would not do anything to disturb her marriage with Curtis! But if the two of them like to admit me to their adventures I'm willing! I'm even willing to be her "Uncle Robert" on lonely nights.

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