1985 - Sunnyvale Public Library  

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5/15/2005 2:05 pm

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1985 - Sunnyvale Public Library

Several of my most memorable sexual encounters occured at the location that serves as the title for this story. I was a 20yr old college student (man-whore), and these encounters covered any number of my fantasies: serendipity, semi-public sex, Mrs. Robinson...

Being 20yrs old I was constantly horny and on the watch for nice ass, even while sitting in the library and studying. Watch the girl who tended the plants. Watch a certain 40ish latina in tight exercise pants (great camel-toe). Watch a certain 40ish Hindu lady who used to make a point of always wearing gaters & hose under her skirts (and giving peeks).

And best of all a 30ish brunette gal who came in one afternoon, flashed a bare beaver under her black skirt <sigh> She was a MAJOR dish, black skirt, white blouse, red jacket & heels.

I noticed her because there were 2 older guys (50ish, retired) looking THROUGH a book shelf on their hands and knees... She was on the other side in a squat, "reading" a book, and the guys were getting a great view.

Being the young perv I was, I wandered over to her side of the shelf, looked over a few books high on the shelf, then moved down to get a better view. She made NO move to hide her moist trimmed biscuit, but looked over at me and gave me a devastating smile.

Feeling bold, I moved behind her, crouched down and touched her ass under her skirt. She reached 'tween her legs and guided my hand to her wetness ! OMG !

After rubbing her kitty for a few seconds, she stood and motioned for me to follow her. Like a good lil perv, I followed her back into the depths of the stacks.

She stopped, turned to face me, giggled abit, and told me I was cute. She then told me that if I could eat her to orgasm, she would let me fuck her ! She sat down on one of those silly library step-stands, spread her shapely stocking-clad legs, and I was 'tween them in a flash.

She had inner labia like butterfly wings of a deep burgundy, and an already engorged pink clit... I went down, started doing the alphabet, nibbling, kissing and licking (yummy) while she moaned quietly. I was in heaven, and in about 20 minutes had given her two orgasms.

She pulled my head back by my ears, giving me a sweet kiss on my wet lips. She reached down opening my belt and then popped the buttons of my 501 jeans. I was going commando that day, she got a hand around my young shaft, and whispered that she NEEDED some of that cock inside her NOW.

She grabbed a bookshelf, bent over slightly and stuck that sweet ass out for me... I moved behind her and flipped up the edge of her skirt. She moved her ass back and her pussy magically swallowed my cock <grin>. I was pumping away slow and happy... she was moaning happily.

That's when I noticed that her hand was stuck through the bookshelf, and she was jacking off one of the original 50ish guys and whispering some rather filthy things at him.

I lost it at that point, shot a load inside her (pre-HIV worries), and she directed the guy she'd been jerking off to come around ! He slipped inside her pussy, and she gave my slimy cock a quick washing with her tongue.

She smiled, winked at me, and said "later stud" between grunts as the old guy pounded her HARD. I simply grinned and walked back to finish my studies.

I DID see her again... turns out the old guy was her husband and they had me over several times to help tag-team her. I HOPE they are well and happy where ever they are

man4nooners1 46M
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5/16/2005 12:51 am

Great tale(tail?) mariner. Interesting how a married couple might go about fulfilling a fantasy back in the pre-internet days.

rm_mariner311 52M
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5/16/2005 9:22 am

Thnx Nooner-dude... sadly most of my wilder escapades occured in the pre-internet world. But they certainly WERE fun!

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