1985 - Library Continued  

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5/16/2005 12:07 pm

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1985 - Library Continued

Okay, it's sad but true that my wildest times were twenty years ago... The Latina woman from the library? I got caught a few times looking at her as she walked through the racks or sat and read. She was 40ish, petite (5'0"?), small-breasted, and always seemed to wear tight capri-type pants that showed off an encredible lil camel-toe.

She'd smile politely when she caught me staring... even the several times I was QUITE obviously staring at her sexually. I wasn't planning on doing anything, but again, being a horny young 20 yr old I'm not going to turn it down.

One rainy afternoon I was walking out to my car after studying. As I unlocked my door, a power window rolled down in the Volvo next to mine and there she was sitting ! "Get in" she said.

I did (not the wisest move, but it worked out)... and she started babbling in slightly accented english about how she liked looking at me (I was a swimmer/diver back then), and how she loved seeing my bulge in my Levi's (I was 20 and would get semi-erect at the breath of the WIND). She had leaned over, and was rubbing me thru my jeans with her mouth only inches from the denim...

"What the hell <grin>" I thought and opened my jeans for this lil minx to see what she was looking for... she let out a filthy lil moan and just gobbled down my warm meat.

She was sucking away for about 4 minutes (and DAMN well skilled she was) when I leaned over abit to start rubbing at her lil camel-toe... she batted my hand away "Noooo, I'm married!" She protested.

I was abit confused (as any 20yr old getting his cock sucked WILL be), but figured what the hell, why complain. I gave her warning about the time I was nearing orgasm, but she kept slurping away taking my sperm and swallowing like a lil champ.

She moaned "oh fuck, yummy", and then looked down and whispered "get out! get out NOW!"

Well, I tucked Mr. Happy away and complied with her wishes... she drove off into the rain. But as I found later she liked my cock and came back several times for MORE <evil grin>

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