... I got to know them quickly!!  

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6/23/2005 9:20 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

... I got to know them quickly!!

When last I left this keyboard, Katie had returned from the ladies room and handed me her lacey thong...

I looked over at Doug who was playing pool, but grinning like a fool. He obviously knew what his GF was up to!

Trying to be as discreet as possible I looked down, and sure enough: Katie had let her dress ride up high enough that I had a glimpse of cute pouting labia minora! I ran a hand up her thigh... found the moisture... and rubbed slowly and gently.

She was smiling, I was grinning... then she asked if there was a hidden spot. I dragged her out the back door into the loading zone where the delightful lil minx dropped to her knees and pulled my old cock out. She giggled at the fact that I shave down there and between slurps stated that Doug needed to do the same.

Now again, I'm getting older & don't have Viagra, but seeing Katie's pretty 22 yr old eyes looking up while she was lewdly bobbing the knob brought me to a hardness I hadn't felt in the last few years of solo-stroking !!

After about 10 minutes of this, Doug slipped out into the alley. He was still grinning, leaned down next to Katie and spoke into her ear: "You dirty little cock-sucker" and kissed her neck. He then whipped out his pocket rocket and shoved it right into her pussy... "WET slut !" he groaned.

Katie was apparently getting into the dirty-name thing GREATLY, 'cause she's slurping and stroking me with a fever, slamming her hips back against Doug, and flipping her clit with her free hand... ALL while moaning like an accident victim around my close-to-losing-it member.

When the time was coming (pun intended) I grabbed her hair to get her to look into my eyes... Doug was still pounding away, slapping her ass and calling her a dirty little Daddy cock sucker... I asked Katie if she wanted to swallow or wear it.

"My FACE Daddy!" she moaned after pulling my cock off her tonsils...

OMFG... ummm I'd never really had any little-girl fantasies, but wow. I realized that this girl WAS almost 20 years younger and LIKED the idea... so I shot right across her pretty litle face and smeared it in with my shaft while calling her every naughty name I could think of.

Not wanting to get caught in the alley, I slipped a business card into the top of her summer dress, gave her right ass-cheek a spank and walked back into the bar.

rm_mariner311 52M
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7/25/2005 10:51 am

hehehe... saw this couple again last night at the pub... we repeated the scene... though last night, we came home to my apartment and I found she was pretty skilled with rolling on condoms.

the lil cutie rode me while Doug fucked her ass... the BEST part? Maya and Curtis from the next building over HEARD... and Maya left a phone-message saying she wished she could be over playing with us

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