"Home Sweet Home" Becomes "Home-Invasion"  

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9/20/2005 11:31 am

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"Home Sweet Home" Becomes "Home-Invasion"

Well, I'm finally home from vacation after a quick side-trip to visit the 'ranch'. Nice to see my lil-brother, the horses, dogs, and even my sister-in-law.

I took a long bath to ease the aches of ranch-work, and almost slept in my own bed last night.

I was laying there reading a book and I heard a familiar moaning coming from across the alley! A quick trip to the kitchen window proved that it was my neighbor Maya!!! The lil minx had the shades part way up and I could see her on HER bed, alone and working herself over with a huge wabbit-style dildo/vibrator.

Well, being the GOOD (and pervy) neighbor that I am... I rang her up quickly. Turns out her husband Curtis was off on a business-trip and she was just relieving some tension.

She welcomed me home and asked if I wanted to come over and 'play'. I told her I was rather sore from work at the ranch, but asked if she needed any 'imaginative' help.

"Phone-sex?" she asked... "Can't you just come OVER HERE?" she pleaded.

Now, if you remember from previous entries, Maya is NOT shy, inhibited, nor opposed to multiple partners in search of her pleasure. Translation: an ideal lil married dirty-girl & neighbor.

Well, being the GOOD AND PERVY neighbor that I am; I threw on some shorts and a t-shirt and ran right over.

I got a GREAT hug and a rather sweet & passionate kiss when she opened the door wearing a sheer ivory-wrap... and then she grabbed my hand and dragged me to their bedroom.

She tossed the wrap onto a chair, jumped onto the bed, sprawling out lewdly, beckoned me to join her after I'd shed my t-shirt.

"Did you like watching earlier? What sort of imaginative-help do you have in mind? Help me I'm so fucking horny!"

She rattled out those questions so quickly like a kid on Christmas... I've noticed she gets justa little hyper when horny

I laid down on the bed next to her, looking into her eyes, and reached out to stroked her lightly sweaty caramel-colored stomach... moving my fingers up lightly to tease her taut nipples.

"Well Maya... I was gonna suggest, for YOUR safety, that you be more careful about masturbating with your window and shades open."

"WHY?? Don't you like watching??" she asked with a slight whine to her voice as she lowered both her hands between her legs.

"I DO love watching you Maya, you know that!" I whispered into her ear and kissing her neck gently. "But what if it wasn't ME who heard or saw you baby?"

"What do you MEAN?" she gasped with a giggle as she threw her arms around me neck

I'd mentioned that we had a small crew of teen-aged kids running around the neighborhood boosting car-stereos out of the back-alley parking lot. Knowing that Maya hadn't realized the possible 'danger'.

She shivered abit, grabbed me tighter, and then giggled... "True, they might hear me like YOU heard us last month... and, and..."She finished in a whisper that suggested she wanted me to complete my naughty thoughts.

Now, San Carlos is NOT a hot-bed of criminal activity... our last murder was 16 yrs ago... no , one mugging this year... we just have traffic accidents, minor burglary, and a few lil punks... but Maya seemed in the mood for a naughty and dangerous story, and WHO am I to deny her

"YES Maya, and what if THEY came to your door on a night when Curtis was gone?" I asked in a slightly theatrical whisper to increase the tension and fear...

"WOULD THEY??" she whispered breathlessly. "How Many?? What might they DO??" she then groaned as she squeezed her thighs together trapping her hands against her pussy.

Yep, Maya was getting frisky... come ON PEOPLE, she'd been masturbating with a Rabbit before she asked me to come over

I was gently pinching her deliciously thick nipples. But as her interest in something naughty and rough was apparent, I pinched harder as I whispered into her ear...

"Well, Sgt. Wilde mentioned that they stopped a group of 4 seniors from Belmont High last week a few blocks over. He said the had screwdrivers, a pry bar and one even had a knife."

"FOUR boys!" she moaned again... burying her hands deeper between her legs.

Her eyes were closed and I could see her imagining the possible scenario. I pinched her nipple even harder, cupping her breast in my palm. I'd also taken one of her vibrators from her nightstand, placed it in her hand, and she immediately had it placed against her clit. Her legs were still tight together.

I began to weave her a tale of her home alone, masturbating in her bedroom with her large toys, hearing a strange noise. Only to open her eyes to find four strong teen-agers have broken into her apartment... standing there watching her...

"They're watching?" she groaned... "I'm like THIS?" she asked a lustfully panicked voice.

She reached across the bed, her eyes still closed as she grabbed her 9 inch latex dildo... she spread her legs wantonly and shoved that purple monster right to the hilt.

"I'm fucking myself like THIS?" She groaned again with a distinct orgasmic whine to her voice.

I looked down and saw her forming a wet-spot... NO, a PUDDLE on the bed! I watched her slipping that large toy in and out of her wet pussy and knew I had to devise a WICKED story to help my sweet lonely neighbor out!

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