rm_marc44054 63M
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9/25/2005 9:19 am

Why is it so hard to leave this site? I am realistic. The chances of meeting that special someone here are between slim and non.

No matter how much and how often I just wanted to walk away, there was always something or someone pulling me back.

Thank you to all my fellow group members at "Looking For A Relationship". You are, for the most part very classy and intelligent with a little dash of humor. I only hope that once in a while I have made you smile or laugh or think, just as you have made me.

It isn't easy being an older guy on A--F---F---. Sometimes, everything just seems to pass by me, but I am reminded that so many of us share the same hopes and dreams. I hope everyone, not just in my group, but everyone, realizes those dreams before you get to me my age.

There is no greater feeling, outside of parenthood, than two people in love. Don't be afraid of that feeling. Embrace it, hold on to, cherish it.

Peace be with you all, each and every one of you is special in your way. Treat each other well and the world will be your oyster.

MsLoveRose 33F  
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9/27/2005 4:13 pm

so hard is the task of saying goodbye and walking away...you know what makes us all feel so warm and welcomed...that we are there...we are missing something in our lives....its what brought us all together...and sometimes...the neglect...the empty the lack of more attention wishes us to drive deeper and further away....

the truth lies in your heart...you soul...and let me tell you whats in your mind...because i know!!!! your mind is telling you that all this is redundant...that you know you cant compete and win anyones heart...so why try....your heart knows...that you ARE incredible and and kind and generous...and that when someone does come around...you know what to do...your soul...its telling you to keep your heart open...to fight the battles of your million of two sided thoughts....its telling you to never give up...to hold your dreams and aspirations high.... if you give up...no one wins...i know and hope you see that...maybe not so much with this site...but i mean giving up in general. Just as you ....i have come to terms with this site and what it offers....i know i could win the lottery a few times before i find that clarity...that genuine...diamond in the rough...but i wont abandon...or neglect the good that this site has brought to my life...

and THATS realistic...the warm wishes...the merry people...the flirting, the happy cheerful environment....that brings us all close toghether...we may be many miles apart but it doesnt feel like it. i load up the page and smile...in anticipation that those who have lifted my spirits will be there...saying something else to make me think...or saying something to put that ever-smile in my heart. I look for that comfort....not as a replacement but as an addition to everything else in my life...without all of the people i speak of i wouldnt be here...

i guess you can say thats why its so hard to leave. with all the messages i get....the seekers who want but isnt really looking....i can easily delete those messages and think nothing of it...but the welcomed communication....the chat sessions...the friends...that keeps me here. So i say to you...if you need to walk away...just dont forget the ones that mattered....dont forget how you touched lives how you made smiles...and happy thoughts...from even the ones that only read.... I do hope you find some resolve and cherish what you did have....



live more, laugh often, love much

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