Pick up the Phone! Part II  

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8/25/2005 4:49 pm

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Pick up the Phone! Part II

Hello all, even the bots.

I read through all the responses, really suprised that I got even one response much less 7! I was upset and needed to vent, then I took 2 darvacet, put in a movie and fell asleep on the couch.

One person said I shouldn't set my expectations to high then it won't be so bad when I get rejected. This is very good advice to take and generally I do. But...in this case I was the one that was being causous and taking it slow but SHE seemed to come on like a frieght train then do a 180.

Another person said that the men do it too and she is correct. But I looked at her profile and pic's and can see that she has no problems getting dates. In fact, she may have posted that comment in a attempt to ease her guilty concience of craping all over someone else. Ladies, when you look like a super model don't wine to me about rejection. God gave you the gift of so called "beauty" and men will push each other down to get in your drawers. Stop rubbing it in and share the wealth.

Now, back to the story. I have known this female for about 2 years and just recently made advances to her regarding extra activities outside the work place and if she was interested to meet me there. She met me there and we hit it off well, at least I thought so. We had some drinks, shot pool and deceded to take the evening out to the parking lot. We talked, looked at each other deeply and then took a drive to find a nice quit, dark place to park. Things went well even though we were short on space and jumping up everytime we saw head lights. We pleasured each other but no penetration. All in all a good evening, drove back to the place we met and we both went home.

Since then we have talked almot everyday for next week either on the phone or through email. We went out a second time by meeting at the sam place for drinks and pool. As everyone knows alchohal loosens ones tounge and we ended up on a sexual conversation. We talked about how and where and decieded to go to her house as it was closer. Everything went well at her place, had a few more drinks, talked, goofed around and watched a porn movie together on her bed. One thing led to another and we had mad monkey sex. I fell asleep with her in the spooning postion and didn't wake till 6am and had to leave for work.

If you would like to her the rest I'll be watching for comments.

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