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How many women actually want a man to truely satisfy them. Not just for a few minutes, for hours of sexual enjoyment. I would eat you until you can't take it any more. After a few hours you would ppush me back and want to suck me. I would let you as long as you would return to you original position. Eating pussy is like, a cherry cream pie. Silky smooth, fresh and smells like roses.
My first sexual expierience was at the age of ten. My friend showed me how to eat pussy. First she showed me how she sucks cock. She made it soooooooooooooooo wet!!!! I liked it wet!!!! She would make me cummmmmm on her little tities. She would demand that I clean her tits. Later, she should me how to eat her pussy! She said to take tiny little licks at first. Then lick her a little harder. Make her moan a little. Take your finger and slowly stick it in her. Taste it!!! stick it in her mouth. Let her taste herself.

Tell her you want to stick your tongue in deep. Then follow through. Make big strides in your efforts to please her. Take her whole pussy in your mouth. Gently bite her skin as you eat her. Later, when she can't take it anymore tell her that you want to fuck her hard!!!! Tell her you want to finger her in the butt while you're fucking her. When you're ready to cummmmmm, tell her to open wide!!!That's if she's into that. Or, you can cum on her beautiful tities. Well what do think so far???

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Sounds good to me!!!!!

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You could leave a message anytime!!! toddmtecfourzeroatyahoocom

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I'm driving down the road. While stopped at a light, I notice this women crying. She had just lost her husband. I console her, we start a great relationship. We don't have sex right away! she tells me her intermost feelings. Month's go by, we start going out to dinner and seeing movies together. She holds my hand for support. I long to be with her. She doesn't know just yet! how much I really like her. We have a special relationship, that grows into completely another. One night, she asks me over for dinner. I happily accept. She's a great cook! she knows just what I like. We sit back and watch some DVD'S for the rest of the evening. She's snuggling with me as we watch the shows. I tell her it's late! she says don't go! I stay and have a my favorite drink. It's that most awesome drink created by a good bar tender. Long Island Ice Tea! YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! very intoxicated now, I only need one to get me going. She walks out in this very sexy nighty. I ask, what's on your mind? UMMMMM! She seductively walks over to me on the bed. She climbs on top of me and tells me to fuck her! I tell her first, I want you you on my face! shwe obliges. Her pussy taste like, You guessed it! cherry cream pie! she's rocking to my deep penetrating tongue. She's playing with my balls while i'm eating her. She tells me she will be sucking my cock!!!! I don't mind. What man would??? she sucks me wet! soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo wet! she makes a puddle on the sheeets. She uses her saliva to massage my balls. I'm not ready to cum just yet! I'm still eating my friend. She tells me to eat her butt hole! It's very clean. I like that! no stink! I tease her a little. She demands me to put my tongue in deep. I do both, I put my finger up her butt first. I like to see if their is any, you know! It's clean!!! She really takes care of her self.....I stick my tongue in deeper with every insertion. She is cumming, my finger is sooooooooooooo moist. I suck my finger dry. It taste very good! After a while, she takes me hard. She's riding me like a stallion! we fuck for at least for two hours. She won't let me get off! she's in control....I let her be! she wants me to cum, the second time she does. That was just a few minutes later. I let lose, my cum is inside her know! She get's off me and tastes her self. She cleans the cum and swallows it all. We lay in her bed until morning. She's taking a shower with me, we play a littel and finish. She takes me to school and leaves a big smile on my face as she kisses me. My friends are soooooooooooooooo jealous! She tells me to come by anytime I want or when she call's me. I watch her drive away. My friends say, you are very lucky. I humbly agree with them. While in class, the other women just stare at me. Wondering????? Tell me what you think????

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8/27/2006 2:29 pm

Does anyone really know what maturity is??? It's not getting upset over little things. Like when someone performs their job better then you. Which makes people assume they can claim that they are not performing their job when they are. Not having your fellow co-workers and management gang-up! on people that are doing their job efficiently!!!! Not letting management abuse their authority to terminate someone. Telling the idiot!!!! to stop harrasing the employee that is doing their job!!!! This is just an insight on how to be a professional!!!!! I can write a book on the subject! I will help my friends, all friends; from the lonely poor person to the SUPER RICH!!!!!!! I see it as creating employment for all. We as The USA need to, " STOP OUTSOURCING OUR EMPLOYMENT TO OTHER COUNTRIES." " GOT ME? " How easy is that to understand?????????????????

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