whatta week  

manextraordinare 41M
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6/23/2006 6:30 pm
whatta week

worked at like 10 different jobs this week. i hate when it gets scheduled like that. had to hang some doors in a library...i am not the person you want working in a library. ahhh see how every is reading and being quit and so very hush hush....ok now would be a good time to pull out my hammer, saws, and other assorted weapons and reek some havoc in this place. got lots of smiles over there despite the noise so all is good.

most every night i was helping a friend get ready for a birthday party. let me tell ya that makes for long days. he's only got the use of one hand at the moment and taking some serious pain killers so i really didn't mind it's not like he could do it. a few of us from work donated our evenings.

gotta call from the cops...ack! turned out to be good. they recovered my motorcycle that was stolen a couple of years back. no such luck on the tv tho'.

also ran into someone this week. someone who creeps into my thoughts on a daily basis. i was a little taken by the moment and might have over reacted. well, i'm not good at being passive.

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