Why are we here?????  

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8/28/2005 8:45 pm

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Why are we here?????

I love to ask questions, even questions with apparently no answer. Inquiring into an endless search for meaning describes my existance better than any other phrase I can think of. Obviously I'm not the life of many parties, though sometimes existential angst gives rise to spurts of ironic humor that can surprise a person with the properly twisted view of things. I'm an intellectually obsessed individual, and I hope there may be a few others like me out there who find I occasionally have something interesting or amusing to say. I like to philosophize and talk about religion and politics. I don't like talking about sex much, I just like to indulge directly whenever possible.

I have in fact started a blog at a moment when I have absolutely nothing to say, and I'm merely making my first post in order to satisfy the demands of this blog creating user interface.

I suppose it may say something about me if I merely make observations about the room around me:

The music on my piano: Erik Satie "Gymnopodies", the DVD sitting on my player is "The Merchent of Venice". Pipe tobacco on the coffee table is MacClelland's Oriental Mix #14, a recently solved crossword from yesterday's newspaper sits on my sofa next to Borges "The Aleph and Other Stories" lying splayed open face down. On the dining table near my computer is a 6-inch high pile of unopened mail that I'm very busy pretending does not exist. I look south down the peninsula, I see out my window the Clift, Hilton, St. Francis, and Pan-Pacific hotels, and six floors down some traffic noise reminds me to mention that I suffer the indignity of living on a street that happens to be named after a man who shares his surname with my primary nemisis, the current resident of the whitehouse.

On that note, I should close and wander out for a few pints of fine english ale to loosen my tongue and paint an illusory golden glowing radiance upon an otherwise random and indifferent world...

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